Bene, Bene!

This catchy Italian phrase sums up pretty well our experience at Melloblocco this year. The Jawdropping scenery and clean cut granite faces that the valley presented when we first drove up the winding road were magnificent. Although the weather was sometimes unstable and on the rainy side, It didn’t discourage us from exploring all that the valley had to offer from the scenery to quality boulder lines, amazing stone structures and beautiful alpine villages.

Most of all we were there with a mission, to show our products to the European climber, get our brand recognized and hopefully even win some loyal customers. Since this was our first event outside of Bulgaria we were a little nervous at the beginning, we weren’t sure what reaction to expect although we were confident in our products. As day one rolled by, things weren’t looking as well as we had hoped. Being a brand that no one has heard of yet is hard, if you don’t win a person’s attention at the moment that their gaze lands at your stand, they’ll just pass by you.

Very important lessons that we learned the hard way. After all we are growing and learning as we go along, so day two was up and we had to make some changes so that the passing crowd could see what we had to offer without the engagement of actually having to walk in and browse through. Our colour combinations made people stop, but the quality materials, fine sewing and practical features, won them as customers. From there on day three and four were a frenzy of people and questions, where we were from, where we made our products, where did we get our materials from and so on.. The recognition that we received for our hard work was truely inspiring. But what made us really happy were the people that were walking passed our stand wearing our pants and they looked amazing!

We saw a lot of faces in those four days and a lot of faces saw us. And in the end I think we achieved what we had initially set out to do. We showed our products, and received a positive feedback. Our brand recognition increased gudging by all of our new facebook and other social medial followers, and hopefully all of the thousands of stickers that we gave out will end up representing us in a variety of amazing places. And I think maybe not there at the stand but after a while when people have had some time to exploit our pants and put them through a quality beating, they will realise what a good product they are, and then we would have won some loyal customers as well.

Overall an amazing experience, and would like to give out a fullhearted THANK YOU! to all of the people that stopped at our stand and supported our small brand by buying our products.

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