Waking up in the morning and taking in a deep breath of crisp mountain air, a clear mind with a single thought. Adventure awaits…
This is what inspires us here at Omsight, the call of nature and the unlimited possibilities that it brings. When we started the brand back in 2014 we rooted our love and passion for the wild into our products to help them meet every need that еnthusiasts, such as ourselves, might find when they enter into the unknown seeking adventure.
This is the philosophy that we stand behind. If you resonate with our vibe, support us, so we can grow together.


What is the meaning of OMSIGHT? Simple, it’s that inner passion, that unstoppable drive to ‘scend our climb. It consumes our thoughts, our focus and our workouts. It is with us all throughout the day, until late dusk when we are peacefully laying in bed and rehearsing the crux in our minds.
Because it’s not the top that we are after, it’s the climb.


Growing up in a country with such а diverse nature, and being situated in Vratsa, home to one of the most beautiful and inspiring climbing areas has given us a solid foundation from which our small team has begun its journey of providing the most versatile and unique apparel for your adventures.

HIgh Quality

It is our firm belief here at Omsight that no product is truely special unless it receives all of the dedication of its creator. That is why we draw from our own experiences when we design our garments. So you can receive a product that is of high quality and rich in detail, a peace of clothing that you can really enjoy wearing.