Omsight at Challenge Days 2017

For the second year we had the pleasure of participating in this cool event. We had the chance to show our latest collection and meet new and interesting people.

It all started in Vratsa

The begining was set in the Vratsa Balkan region where the inspiration came from. This beautiful piece of architectural construction was designed and put together by our dome specialist Antoni Dikov 🙂

It was time for our talented crew to get to work. We managed to assemble our dome in no time. We are getting quicker with each and every year 😛

In the end, it turned out great and we were ready to show our audience what we have

Many people came to our stand, we talked, we laughed and had a really great time alltogether. Freeski legend Glen Plake was so stoked on our clothing that he couldn’t resist getting a pair of our OMSIGHT pants.

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