I’ve been roaming around the wilderness since an early age- skiing, biking, running and climbing. These activities allowed me to move in an amazing environment of nature and friends. This is how I got to know Valio and Stoyan; and how our relationship exists trough adventures and designing OmSight. It is our desire to be closer to nature and being honest whatever we do. The excitement for the future is imense. So much ideas, quality materials and old dreams to come true.


I like climbing for it is hard and demanding, creative process. Just like developing the best climbing apparel or presenting it to you through my photography.


I live to go cycling and mountains are temple for me, therefore mountain biking is my all-time favorite activity. The passion started in my early teenage years and still going strong, not much after the beginning I met Valio and since then I like to follow his crazy line choices on the trail, so now I am more than happy to help him and Stoyan with what I can to support their ideas of developing quality products by implementing real time experience from riders for riders.

Sometimes I like to interleave from cycling with couple day treks in the high mountains clearing my mind and soul. In the winter when the snow covers the peaks I like to go ski touring although I am still new to this but love it a lot. Other passion that started since my childhood days is Photography I like to do Landscape and product shots.  Each time when the crew calls me for some product shooting, I am eager to see the new Omsight stuff.

ISKREN HRISTOV aka Shredding Cartagen

I am born in a small town called Vratsa which is the climbing mecca in Bulgaria and the hometown of Omsight. And thanks to Valentino and Tsvetomir I got into the outdoor life at the age of 16. Since then climbing, slacklining, mountainbikimg , canoening and everything that can get me into that  flow state of focus and achievement . I love been part of the outdoor education community where I can spread all my knowleadge.